Oleksii Ivanov

Chif architector


Olena Ivanova

Chif architector


One M2 ARCHITECTS is an architectural workshop that specializes in designing objects of various scales, from private housing to large multifunctional complexes. The workshop's team takes on architectural and design projects at all stages, from sketches to working documentation, and finds the optimal solution for each object, as each of us is an individual.
- offer architectural solutions from traditional to the most modern, in line with the latest trends and developments in world architecture;
- design using the best practices in domestic and foreign construction;
- use modern BIM design and automation;
- create project documentation of any complexity for all stages of design;
- are well-versed in modern materials and technologies offered by today's market. For us, each project has its own unique characteristics, which allows it to be unique for both the customer and our team.
You can learn more about our projects by following the link PROJECTS

Andryi Ermak

lead architect, BIM-manager

Yuryi Pushkar

lead architect

Ольга Андрійчук

Провідний архітектор

Тетяна Кудрявцева


Андрій Гудименко

Провідний архітектор

Аліна Астапова